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Cork IT

Cork at night, so good they named it, once.The Institute is one of the largest and longest established technological education centres in Ireland, inheriting a long and valued tradition of education dating back to the early 19th Century.

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There are three campuses - at Bishopstown, at the Crawford College of Art & Design, and at the Cork School of Music.

An ambitious development plan is under way, transforming these campuses with investments of Euro 50 million. Cork Institute of Technology is one of Ireland's major higher education institutions with total enrolments (full-time and part-time) of almost 13,000 students.

Its courses span five main fields:

The qualifications awarded vary from Post-graduate Doctorates, to Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates, as well as thriving and internationally recognised trade craft courses.

In addition to its comprehensive full-time programmes, CIT has a varied part-time and evening programme - one of the largest in Ireland. Research and Development and services to industry are a significant part of CIT's work.

Cork Institute of Technology,
Rossa Avenue,
Tel: 021 432 6100
Fax: 021 454 5343

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