Finding Student Accommodation in Ireland

In the beginning...

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There was light. And other stuff... apparently. It's hotly debated and fascinating to follow. But this post isn't about the beginning of everything, just As Today, we're 10 years old!

It was the halcyon days of the early aughties. Men dressed as ladies. Dogs dressed as men. Ladies dressed like dogs. Despite the dotcom crash and a penchant for terrible hair cuts, two men came together. Their vision; to build a website for niches, because they'd heard the whole "niche market is selling well". Time, sobriety and use of a websters English dictionary would steer them towards the students aid space. Because students are clearly where the money is...

Unfun facts about April 15th

GaG shares a birthday with Kim Il Sung, founder of the NORKs leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (the top one), from its establishment in 1948.

Abraham Lincoln died, having succumbed to injuries delivered by the FAG Alec Baldwin of his time, John Wilkes Booth.

McDonald's opens. Would later suffer going mainstream, with all the associated benefits and ills success brings.

The RMS Titanic sinks. 1,502 people die. Fictionalised retellings would plague cinema goers for decades to come.

With company like that, how can we possibly fail...

Screw typing!

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MIND BLOWING (we don't own this one, but couldn't find the actual owner. If it's yours please let us know.

Every once and a while grabaGAFF will launch a feature so grounding breaking, so revolutionary, so goddamn obvious that we are rendered slack jawed in muted awe. This is not one of those times...

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We've been putting a lot of thought and effort into improving the level of privacy here lately (coming soon!), which has veered our thoughts back to the various legal and privacy related disclaimers that litter

Originally intend as a CYA when we ran an ill-fated user forum, our privacy and disclaimer policies have languished, unloved, for many years. Sadly such things are important, and we've decided to share our tools for the job to make your life easier!

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A call to Arms

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Landlords, we need you!
Sign up now! Source: J.M.Flagg (1917)

Notice the stir in the air? That's students, masses of them, just over the horizon. All of them looking for somewhere to live for the duration of the coming semester. And you could be that roof over their head, if only you could reach them somehow...

Enough of the cheesie methphors! We offer landlords free property ads to an audience of students. If you would like to add yours just click the 'Add my property' button to your right. Simples :)

I think it's broken!

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I think it's broken...
Ermmm... source: unknown

Over the coming days we'll be rolling out the new (and partially improved) grabaGAFF website. And while we've planned against it, there is the possibility that things could break here and there for a short period of time. In the event that this happens to you, please accept our apology and bear in mind we're working on it.

So what's new buddy?

Well... mostly search. We've turned the usual 'sort then search' paradigm on its head in an attempt to get you to your ideal gaff in the fewest steps possible. Behind the scenes we've put a lot of effort into helping landlords get as much as they can with the least amount of effort, because as tautology has taught us, a happy landlord is a happy landlord.

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