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We're no longer Daft enough to do this...

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A strange thing happened the other day., that MASSIVE, well resourced property website that everybody knows and loves dropped us an email. To us! For REALS!

Was it every layabout entrepreneur's dream; the long awaited multi-zero buy out? A dramatic on-boarding attempt to recruit the very leading edge of student acommadayshun* website development thought leadership??

Erm, No.

But they did have a capital related reason for making contact...

A capital 'd' in-fact. Our tagline for the past number of years has been "We'd have to be Daft to keep doing this". It was an intentional jab at the market, one we felt was kinda funny. At the very least we've seen it draw a wry smile from our users from time to time., for trademark reasons (which were slowly and politely explained to us as being a state of having ownership of a common word craftily customised with a capital d followed by the expected characters of a, f and t, frequently followed by a space or other delimiter) has asked GaG (trademark pending) to remove what they perceive as a reference to them from our obviously hilarious header.

daft === Daft === ... trademark law 101

This caused an unusual amount of drama in the GaG-Cave (trademark pending).

Our Legal team** wanted a fight and suggested we could probably win in any court room scenario, then reminded us they bill by the hour and have never been paid. The marketing cadre** immediately jumped in and screamed that we MUST USE THIS AS A MEANS OF PROMOTING THE GaG (trademark pending) BRAND, JUST LIKE WATERFORD WHISPERS NEWS DOES ALL THE FUCKING TIME***.

Research suggested that trademark related exchanges tend to start as vague threats with the implication of a forthcoming devastating nuclear option...

We considered, reflected and pondered. And finally decided...

We're caving!

But not for any of the reasons suggested above. The message from Daft was warm, fair, to the point and non-threatening... this is to be admired. It's a very adult approach to what is often a childish issue. It's only fair to reciprocate. We're more than delighted to remove the potential infringement of the trademark from our headers. We're pleased to no longer be "Daft enough to do this". We're happy to acquiesce to the demands of an exponentially larger competitor.

We're caving...

And that's ok. We were too myopic anyway. We've caved.

But the best thing about the Daft request takedown request? It's quotable ;)

Stay tuned to an all new Coming soon :D

* intentionally misspelled, you know, for the yoof
** It's imaginary
*** Imagination shouts a lot

Fun fact: the word trademark is used seven eight times in this post. A personal record!

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