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On the takedown

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This one is for the landlords out there.

We recognise things are a touch stressful at the moment and we know your phones and mailboxes are glowing red with desperate students trying to secure a roof over their heads for this coming year. Ours are the same, and fun is a word we're never going to associate with this experience. However...

“How dare you let me use your free advertising service and keep an ad online even though I never told you to remove it or click on the removal link in the sign-up email or the notice the ‘take down request’ link in the footer of every single page. You're invading my privacy and I shall have none of it! I shall sue you to your end!! Expect to hear from my lawyer, who goes by the name GODDDDDDDD!!!’

A.N.Other, Landlord.

Sadly, we get a few variances of this each day...

While there are many zeros in our annual salary, they're sadly all prefixed with a '.'! Furthermore, there is no fee to have your property listed here. We're the very definition of free! We pay for this with our own time and money so you don't have to. We do not sell your details on to third parties ala Google / Facebook / Twitter etc. You, or the students who use this site, are not some commodity that we monetize (the banner ads that pop up from time to time don't even cover hosting expenses). We do this purely to help students. It was such a non-Daft idea, NationWide choose to do a piece on us once upon a time, which might help you understand our way of thinking.

In helping students, we're also helping you. We're not asking for your pity, appreciation or gratitude. We would however, ask to be treated with just a modicum of dignity. We're here to help, not to serve.

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