Finding Student Accommodation in Ireland

Screw typing!

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MIND BLOWING (we don't own this one, but couldn't find the actual owner. If it's yours please let us know.

Every once and a while grabaGAFF will launch a feature so grounding breaking, so revolutionary, so goddamn obvious that we are rendered slack jawed in muted awe. This is not one of those times...


Mapping! Well, not mapping per-say. More the ability to know where you are and what's around you. A me-here-that-there-ility if you will. And we're finally gotten around to adding support for it on GrabaGAFF.

Now you too can see gaffs around you. Like magic. Or like every other property website on the planet. Which would make it a form of mystic, plagiarising, magic...

The how

Simply click the gaff search panel (the one cunningly titled "Search College/ Town") and rather than type, you'll notice a new button titled "Find Gaffs near me!". 'Cos you know, screw typing!

Erm, it's not working!!!

Ah yes, the good old grabaGAFF mark of quality! A few things you can do though; make sure you have a supported handset (iPhone 3+ or any GPS equipped Android smartphone from the past two years), then make sure you have the latest operating system (iOS 5 and Jellybean at time of writing). Naturally it works better in cities and areas actually near colleges. Please contact us if you have any issues.

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