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Tipperary institute learning from books and stuffTI is Europe's only Institute integrating third level education with rural and business development programmes.

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This integration will ensure that learning relates to real-life contexts. Consistent with this uniqueness,it is the intent that the learning environment be both dynamic and different. Located in two vibrant and prosperous towns with many living and leisure facilities the populations of Clonmel and Thurles welcome students as members of their local communities.

Tipperary Institute courses involve placements in relevant work environments which enhances your learning and employability on graduation.

As a student, you will gain real-life skills and knowledge, sending a message to prospective employers that you are a person who will make an immediate and valuable contribution in the workplace.


The Institute utilises leading-edge information and communication technology (ICT) in the delivery of its learning, rural and business development programmes. Both the Thurles and Clonmel campuses are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to enhance your learning experience. When you graduate you will not only be literate in ICT, but experienced in its use through your learning experience in the Institute.


The Institute's staff spend a significant proportion of their time working with communities and businesses as part of the Institute's outreach service, thereby forging strong and durable links with these entities and maintaining the currency of their own skills and knowledge.

This currency will benefit you as a student, and your participation in real-life projects will ensure that your skills and knowledge on graduation will be immediately applicable in your chosen work environment.


Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are recognised by the EU as being the most significant sector in the future and economic development of Europe. This is particularly significant in Ireland where 98% of businesses are SMEs. In response to the demand this creates for skilled business enterprise graduates, Tipperary Institute has designed its business studies courses emphasising both the traditional and emerging aspects of business.

The courses incorporate traditional business modules such as marketing, accountancy, management, economics, law and financial management. The courses also include additional subjects which Tipperary Institute has identified as crucial to business in Ireland and Europe, such as languages, entrepreneurship, information and communications technology (ICT), eCommerce, and project management.

Technology plays an increasing part in our daily lives and the complexity of today's technology, particularly in the areas of information and communications, means that skill and knowledge levels in the technological sector are vital to prosperity and must be updated constantly. The ICT programmes at Tipperary Institute are designed to give students a broad educational experience, mixing advanced programmes in ICT, practical assignments, as well as programmes in personal development. In addition all students will undertake a work placement module.

Students at Tipperary Institute use the broadband communication network TippNet, coupled with a collaborative learning environment to give them extended access to the learning resources of Tipperary Institute. This enables students to submit work electronically and collaborate in the development of team-based assignments.

Sustainable Rural Development

It has been recognised both nationally and internationally that we must use our scarce natural resources in a way which conserves them as far as possible for future generations while also meeting the social and economic needs of today. It is also recognised that the maintenance of strong, stable and self-sufficient rural communities is both a desirable goal in its own right and one of the best guarantees of the development of rural areas in a sustainable way.

The management of social, economic and environmental impacts of social developments in rural areas and the achievement of a proper balance between them will therefore, be one of the greatest challenges facing the decision-makers of the 21st century. Graduates of the Institute's course in Sustainable Rural Development (SRD), will be equipped with the skills and insights necessary to assist in this decision-making.

Whether operating at a strategic level within local, national or European government, working directly with rural communities in ensuring their long-term viability or working in enterprises devoted to the sustainable use of rural resources, graduates of the National Diploma will be helping to create the sustainable rural communities of the future and the policies and structures that will support them.

The Future

The Institute will develop and extend its range and level of courses in Phase II of this development by offering new courses in emerging fields of economic and social activity such as alternative energy, the environment, tourism and leisure studies etc.


The Institute is fortunate to have highly qualified dedicated and energetic staff who work to generate an exciting and innovative learning and personal development environment. We look forward to sharing this exciting phase of our mutual development, benefiting both students and the Institute. It is appropriate that this exciting new Institute begins to translate its vision into practice at the dawn of a new millennium.

We look forward to sharing those challenges with you. We wish you luck in the process of deciding your future educational path, we hope that you will find that one of our courses will match your needs. Should you feel that a meeting with a member of Tipperary Institute staff or a visit to the campus might help you in your decision making process we would be happy to arrange this with you.

Tipperary Institute,
Nenagh Road, Thurles, Co. Tipperary
Cashel Court, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary
Phone: 353 (0) 504 28 000,
E-mail: [email protected]

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