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digs 7.1km from Cork IT for €411 per month 7 Whitethorn drive, Inniscarra view, Ballincollig

Comments: Female required, €95 5 day rate, €130 7 day rate.


Landlord hasn't specified any features.

3 third level institutions nearby-ish

CollegeDistance (approx!)
Cork IT7.1km
St Johns College Cork7.3km

What's in the neighbourhood?


  • permanent tsb 1.2km


  • Healy's Bar 0.76km
  • Anglers Rest 0.93km
  • Sams Bar 1.1km
  • Mary O'Connell's 1.1km
  • Gtr 34 1.8km


  • Roasted Road Coffee Drive Thru 0.62km
  • Chapel Gate Cafe 1.2km
  • Puccino's Cafe 1.3km
  • Green Kiwi 1.3km


  • Office Interiors - Tony O'Donovan 0.47km
  • Right Price Tiles 0.49km
  • Ballincollig DIY 0.72km
  • TilePoint 0.73km
  • Carpets & Floors 0.74km
  • Great Gas - O'Donnovan's Food Store 1km
  • Upstairs downstairs 1.1km
  • Heatons 1.2km
  • Balloons Cork by Red Balloon 1.3km


  • Dervla Leavy Dental Care and Botox Clinic 0.46km
  • Ballincollig Dental - Dentist Cork 0.78km
  • O'Connor Dental Health 0.97km
  • Cork Dental Clinic 1.2km
  • MW Dental 1.7km


  • Ballincollig Family Practice 0.18km
  • O'Connor Dental Health 0.97km
  • Ballincollig Chiropractic Clinic 1.1km
  • The Grove Medical Centre 1.2km

Petrol station

  • Topaz East Gate Ballincollig 0.86km
  • Great Gas - O'Donnovan's Food Store 1km
  • Topaz West End Ballincollig 1.5km


  • Centra 0.18km
  • Aldi East Gate Ballincollig 0.86km
  • Aldi Westside Retail Park 1.1km
  • SuperValu Ballincollig - Down's 1.2km
  • Tesco Ballincollig 1.6km


  • Dennehy's Health & Fitness 0.68km
  • F1T Training Centre 1.1km
  • The Movement Coach 1.7km

Hair dressers

  • MarkVincent Hair & Beauty 1.1km
  • Visage Hair Salon 1.1km
  • Hairy Fairy Hair Salon 1.2km
  • The Salon 1.3km
  • Sportsmans Barber Shop 1.4km
  • Honey Browns Hair Salon 1.4km


  • Muskerry Cleaners 0.99km
  • Impress 1.3km

Off license

  • O'Donovans Off Licence 1.1km
  • SuperValu Ballincollig - Down's 1.2km
  • - The Place To Buy Wine Online 1.5km

Order in

  • Halal Ready Made Meals 0.46km
  • Four Star Pizza Ballincollig 1km


  • Subway 1km
  • Four Star Pizza Ballincollig 1km
  • The Golden Leaf 1.3km
  • The Fry 1.3km


  • The Reel Picture 1.1km


  • Leeview Pharmacy 0.62km
  • Harrington's Pharmacy 1km
  • Ballincollig Allcare Pharmacy 1.1km
  • Kellehers Pharmacy 1.2km


  • Secret Recipe Cork 0.49km
  • McDonald's 0.83km
  • Anglers Rest 0.93km
  • Sliced 0.97km
  • Subway 1km
  • The Plaza Restaurant 1km
  • Wah Yun Chinese Restaurant 1km
  • Lennox's 1km
  • Four Star Pizza Ballincollig 1km
  • Lennox Ballincollig 1km
  • Kanok Thai Restaurant 1.1km
  • Rooster Pil Pil 1.1km
  • Ramen 1.2km
  • K S Kathmandu 1.2km
  • Centra 1.3km
  • The Golden Leaf 1.3km
  • The Fry 1.3km
  • Drumstix Restaurant 1.4km
  • Lal Quila Indian Restaurant Ballincollig 1.4km


  • Ballincollig (Iniscarra View) 0.044km
  • Ballincollig (Opp Rosewood Est) 0.13km
  • Ballincollig (Rosenalee Care Centre) 0.28km
  • Ballincollig (Opp Fr Sexton Park) 0.68km
  • Ballincollig (East Gate) 0.7km
  • Model Farm Rd (Guide Dog Centre) 0.76km
  • Carrigrohane Rd (Opp Church Hill Jctn) 0.91km
  • Carrigrohane Rd (Church Hill Jctn) 0.93km
  • Leemount Cross (Muskerry Lodge) 0.98km
  • Leemount Cross (Opp Muskerry Lodge) 0.98km
  • Model Farm Rd (Church Cross West) 1km
  • Model Farm Rd (Church Cross East) 1.1km
  • Ballincollig (Main St Supervalu) 1.1km
  • Ballincollig Town Centre (Garda St) 1.2km
  • Ballincollig (Station Cross) 1.3km
  • Ballincollig (Shopping Centre) 1.6km
  • Ballincollig (Opp Shopping Centre) 1.6km
  • Model Farm Rd (Inchaggin Eastbound) 1.7km
  • Model Farm Rd (Inchaggin Westbound) 1.7km
  • Curraheen Village 1.9km