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self catering 10.8km from Cork IT for €346 per month Kielys Lane, Tower, Blarney

Comments: Male or Female required.


Landlord hasn't specified any features.

third level institutions nearby-ish

CollegeDistance (approx!)

What's in the neighbourhood?


  • Aunties 0.96km
  • The Blarney Hotel 1.3km
  • Wayside Inn 1.5km
  • Blairs Inn 2km


  • Geaney Kitchens 0.65km
  • Cloghroe Stores 0.77km
  • O'Leary's Centra 1.1km


  • Cork Therapy Centre, Chartered Physiotherapy 1.1km

Hair dressers

  • The Style House 0.92km


  • Tower Pizza 0.97km


  • Cloghroe Pharmacy 0.8km


  • Mandalay 0.95km
  • Tower Pizza 0.97km
  • The Blarney Hotel 1.3km
  • Blairs Inn 2km


  • Cloghroe (Coolflugh Terminus) 0.5km
  • Cloghroe (Fairways Terminus) 0.56km
  • Tower Village (Tower Hall) 0.57km
  • Tower (Model Village) 0.6km
  • Cloghroe (Church) 0.88km
  • Tower Village (Service Station) 0.88km
  • Tower Village (Shournagh Valley) 0.91km
  • Cloghroe (Opp Seanans Church) 0.92km
  • St. Annes Hill (Opp Primrose Hill) 1.3km
  • St. Annes Hill (Primrose Hill) 1.3km
  • Cloghroe (Opp Coachford Jct Eastbound) 1.3km
  • Cloghroe (Opp Wayside Inn Eastbound) 1.5km
  • St. Annes Hill (Matanatha B&B) 1.5km
  • St. Annes Hill (Opp Riverview) 1.7km
  • St. Annes Hill (Riverview Estate) 1.8km
  • Cloghroe (Opp Blairs) 2km