Finding Student Accommodation in Ireland

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Are you one of thousands of property owners who wish to lease to students this coming term? We can help! offer the facility to put your property online, for as long as you want, all for free! And the process is very simple, but requires a quick registration (we will never give your details to a third party as per our disclaimer).


As we might have already mentioned, offers property owners the facility to advertise their property to the students of Ireland for free! You can add / edit or remove as many properties as you wish for as long as you'd like. Which is nice! We're also eager to help you massage your property ad to maximise its potential.

Writing tips

Because gaff listings are easy, yeah?

Not to gripe, but sadly we've seen some pretty terrible listings in the past. Some Landlords choose to do the bare minimum and hope someone is desperate enough to get in touch. We don't like that. So we're here to help.

Our step-by-step wizard will not only guide you through the process of uploading your property, while offering you hints and tips to help your listing stand out. And if you want to take things to the next level, please contact us and one of our agents will work with you to craft the perfect ad.

One property we like to share as an example of a great list is a gaff on Bunting Road, Walkinstown in Dublin.

I want to live there! The listing has personality, while being informative and incredibly friendly. All it needs are fantastic pix! We liked it so much we made sure it came first if any search criteria matched it. That's true love!

But we're poly-amorous! If we feel your listing is as cute and cuddly we'll do the same for you.


100% fewer Beatles, a little more help!

From time-to-time everyone runs into trouble. Below are examples where we've helped in the past:

If you've experienced something different and need a hand please get in touch.

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